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black grey preset

Black Grey Lightroom Presets – Hello friends, how are you? hope you all are well. In today’s article I am going to give you Black Grey Lightroom Presets. Using this black grey preset you can edit your photos in one click. You can definitely download it for free without any problem. So, let’s see how to Use & download this Amazing preset.

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About Lightroom App ?

Lightroom is a very excellent & Powerful photo editing. This Lightroom app is developed by Adobe company. This Lightroom application has revolutionized the world of editing. You can do professional photo editing with Lightroom mobile app. Similarly, you can do photo editing through One click by using Lightroom Preset. That usually can’t be done in other apps. The best features of this lightroom app is that photo editing in this app does not lose the quality of the photo at all.

Lightroom App All Tools :-

Various tools in the Lightroom app.

There are many tools within the Lightroom app but the most important ones are discussed below.

  1. Auto tool – The Lightroom app can automatically make light adjustments to your photos with these tools. One click will automatically adjust the light of your photo. You must try it once before you start Photo Editing.
  2. Light tool – It is an important tool in Lightroom. It allows you to manually make light adjustments to your photos. For example, if your photo is dark, you can make it a little brighter through these tools. You can do various other adjustment very easily through these tools.
  3. Color tool – Everyone loves the Lightroom app for having these tools. Because these tools work amazingly. With these tools you can color grate your photo. And you can make adjustments by selecting any color in your photo.
  4. Effect Tools – With these tools you can add texture to your photos. And can do many other things.

Apart from these tools there are various other tools in Lightroom app.

  • Detail Tool,
  • Optics,
  • Geometry,
  • Healing,
  • Crop,
  • Masking.


How to Use Presets in Lightroom Mobile App?

  1. First of all you need to download it.
  2. Then add it into the Lightroom app.
  3. Then it should be opened.Then click on the three dot option above the preset.
  4. Then click Copy Settings option.
  5. After copying settings select your normal photo.
  6. Then click on the three dot option at the top.
  7. Then click on Paste Settings option.
  8. Then your picture editing is complete.

Lightroom Preset Features :-

Free to download.

  • Premium color tone.
  • Free to Download
  • Usable in lightroom mobile app.
  • No bugs.

System Requirements :-

  • Android KitKat 4.0 or above.
  • 1gb ram.
  • 4gb free space on device.
  • Lightroom latest version installed.

How to Download Black & Grey Preset ?

  1. Scroll down to download this preset.
  2. There you will get download option.
  3. After clicking you will see our preset and download it by clicking on download option above.

How to Use Black & Grey Preset?

The next step of downloading this black grey preset is to use this preset in your photos. Using this preset you can add same colors to your photos with one click. Follow the steps below to add this preset to your photos👇👇

  1. At first Download the preset by clicking on the download option below.
  2. Then open the Lightroom app. And add the Lightroom preset from the Add Photo option.
  3. Then open the preset and click on the three dots at the top and click on the copy settings option.
  4. Then click on the right option at the top.
  5. Then go back and select your original photo.
  6. After selecting your photo, click on the three dots at the top and click on the Paste Settings option.
  7. See this type of color added to your photo and your photo editing is complete.


preset download

Friends, we hope you like our Lightroom preset. And to get more presets keep following our website. if there is no preset on this website then definitely comment. Will definitely try to upload your desired preset. Thank you very much for visiting our website

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