New CB Tone Lightroom Presets // Best Lightroom Mobile Presets

New CB Tone Lightroom Presets

Friends, in today’s article I am going to give you New CB Tone Lightroom Presets. You can see how beautiful this preset looks today. If you do photo editing using lightroom presets then your photo can look so beautiful.

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Hello friends, how are you? Hope you all are well. Friends, I told you at the beginning of the article, today I am going to give you New CB Tone Lightroom Presets. By using this preset you can edit a beautiful photo in one click.

  If you don’t know how to use lightroom presets or how to download lightroom presets then this article is all you need to see. In this article I have shown you step by step how you can use these lightroom presets using your mobile phone or computer along with how to download them.

Girl png
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🚫All images shown here have been used for demo purposes only. Please don’t download any images from here as lightroom presets. And if you want to download the original lightroom preset, then you can download the original lightroom preset from the download button below, only there is the original New CB Tone Lightroom Presets link.

New CB Tone Lightroom Presets

Cb Lightroom presets free download
Cb Lightroom Presets Free Download

First of all, know which app we will use for editing this photo. Friends, as you can understand by hearing the name lightroom presets. So from here we get a clear idea that we will use the photo editing software called Lightroom ( lightroom software ) to edit this photo. And this is not the premium version of Lightroom, you can use it from the lightoom free version as well.

How to Use New CB Tone Lightroom Presets?

  First of all, let’s see how you can use lightroom presets using your mobile phone.

  1. First of all you need to install Lightroom app from play store.
  2. After the app is installed, open it and add the lightroom presets provided by us and the photo you want to edit by clicking on the add photo option below.
  3. After doing everything, open the lightroom presets. And copy the settings by clicking on the 3 dot option above the presets.
  4. Then come back to your photo and there too you will see 3 dots, click on 3 dot and do paste setting.
  5.  Then see your photo edited.

  By following this short tutorial above, you can do photo editing using this light for you.

  You don’t have to do much effort for this photo editing, you can copy and paste the photo editing for you with just one click.

How to Download New CB Tone Lightroom Presets

Cb preset LightroomCb preset Lightroom

Friends to download this preset you have to click on the below download button and from there you can download this preset absolutely free.

preset download

Lightroom Preset Features :-

  • Free to download.
  • Premium color tone.
  • Free to Download
  • Usable in lightroom mobile app.
  • No bugs.


♦ System Requirements :-

  • Android KitKat 4.0 or above.
  • 1gb ram.
  • 4gb free space on device.
  • Lightroom latest version installed.


Friends, let me know in the comments how you like this new cb tone lightroom presets. And if you haven’t used this preset yet, you are way behind. This lightroom preset is already used by 10000+ people for editing their photos. On our website you will find many lightroom presets as well as photo editing backgrounds. So you can visit our website. Thank You So Much.

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